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There’s quite a few weapon types inspired by the characters from Blue Lock, which is why we’ve cooked up this Roblox Locked Weapons Tier List! Every weapon type has been ranked, alongside the weapon’s rarity, and what they do during a match.

Visit the Roblox Locked page to find out more. We also have a guide on Roblox Locked Flow Types if you’d like to learn more about how the gameplay works!

Roblox Locked Weapons Tier List

Which weapon types do we think are the best in this Blue Lock Roblox game? Let’s find out! If you haven’t seen our general guide for weapons, check out our Roblox Locked Weapons guide to dive deeper into each type.

S Tier

The strongest weapons in Locked!

  • Godspeed
    • Unique
    • Catch the ball by lunging forward on the ground and airborne
  • King
    • Unique
    • A quick-paced movement that consists of 3 kicks in random directions, increasing in speed with each kick
    • Also unlocks King Shot
  • Serpent
    • Unique
    • Summon a snake that jumps out of the ground by jumping up. The snake hits the ball in the direction you’re facing!
  • Monster
    • Legendary
    • Send the ball forward before dashing to its location or use it while dribbling, followed by a lunge (works best if you kick the ball while running and not walking)
  • Watch Tower
    • Exotic
    • Summons a watch tower on the pitch, buffing all players within the AoE (increases your hitbox while active)
  • Copy Cat
    • Exotic
    • Select a player on the opposing team and copy their weapon for a turn (cannot copy a Unique weapon)

A Tier

It doesn’t matter about the rarity, as these weapons are all incredibly strong on the pitch.

  • Emperor
    • Unique
    • Hit R on your keyboard to boost your kick exponentially
  • Formless
    • Unique
    • Hit R on your keyboard to kick the ball in the opposite direction to which you’re facing – also grants you the ability to double jump if the ball gets high enough
    • Passive: With a charged kick while airborne, you also unlock a dive kick
  • Sword Screw
    • Legendary
    • The Sword Screw is a sword that erupts from the ground, striking the ball and sending it to the ground as it spins and moves in the direction you were facing prior to the kick (this only works if the ball is already in the air)
  • Nagi
    • Legendary
    • Suspend the ball in mid-air, and then kick it once it drops back down to the pitch
  • Leader
    • Common
    • Buffs the team’s stamina, speed, and shot power

B Tier

These weapons are good, but just not as good as those in the S tier or A tier.

  • Riptide
    • Legendary
    • You can kick the ball with a curve to the right or left side
  • Speedster
    • Legendary
    • 30% speed increase for a total of 20 seconds after an animation
    • Works best with short characters
  • Voracious
    • Exotic
    • Recover from a broken ankle or sliding animation quickly
      • However, this reduces your stamina stat by 15%
  • Kunigami
    • Exotic
    • A strong kick that sends the ball across the pitch
  • Snatch
    • Rare
    • Goalkeepers get a 50% chance to catch the ball
  • Iron Head
    • Common
    • The hits you make with your head are boosted
  • Direct Shot
    • Common
    • If you’re within the goal box on the pitch, your shot power is buffed, but the ball needs to be passed to you directly

C Tier

I wouldn’t rely on these weapons myself, but they’re okay.

  • Acrobatic
    • Legendary
    • Scorpion Kick or a handstand to block an incoming ball
      • Unlocks a dive block after the first time
      • Allows you to recover from a block quickly
    • Works best for goalkeepers
  • Shadow
    • Exotic
    • A small speed boost that only lasts a short while
  • Repel
    • Rare
    • Block the ball and send it to where your cursor is
  • Neurotic
    • Rare
    • If your ankle is broken, you get a 3-second speed buff

D Tier

The most pointless weapons in Locked.

  • Long Legs
    • Common
    • When you steal a ball from another player, your hitbox is boosted

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