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Don’t lose control yet! This Roblox Locked Controls Guide tells you each of the controls in the game so you can perform your very best during matches. This guide contains all the keybinds for both players on a pitch and the goalkeepers.

Check out the Roblox Locked game over on Roblox… Obviously! For more Locked content, check out our Roblox Locked Traits Guide and our Roblox Locked Weapons Guide.

Roblox Locked Controls Guide

Your game starts with the controls. Having S-Tier Traits and Weapons is ideal, but only if you know the keybinds to use them! During the heat of matches, you’ll have to unleash multiple moves to secure victory. So, let’s get into it.

Player Controls

For most players, these will be the main controls you need to play Locked.

  • LMB – Dribbling (Click the LMB multiple times to continue dribbling)
  • RMB – Shoot (Hold the key bind to charge your shoot)
    • Launch the ball towards the net to score a goal
  • RMB (In air) – Headbutt
    • Headbutts the ball to gain control of it
  • Shift – Run
  • Q – Slide Tackle
    • Attempts to take control of the ball from an opponent
  • V – Hold to recharge Stamina
  • G – Activate Flow
  • R – Activate Weapon
  • T – Activate Trait
  • B – Emote Wheel
  • M – Menu
  • CTRL – Shift Lock

Goalkeeper Controls

The Goalkeeper has fewer controls to memorise, but arguably the most important job on the pitch. So if you main as a goalkeeper, you’ll want to remember your moves!

  • F – Standing Block
    • As implied by the name, you block an incoming ball whilst remaining stood up
  • C – Dive Right
    • You lunge to the right to try and save the ball from hitting the net
  • Z – Dive Left
    • You lunge to the left to try and save the ball from hitting the net
  • E – Pick Up Ball
    • Holds the ball before kicking it back into the game
  • Q – Forwards Dive + Grab Ball
    • Lunge forward to grab the ball, sliding across the grass
  • RMB – Punt
    • Kick the ball back into the match

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