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Ready to equip your character with some traits? Before you do that, use our Roblox Locked Traits Tier List first! We’ve ranked every trait in the game depending on the buffs (or debuffs) that they provide.

Play the game now by visiting the official Roblox Locked page! For more content on the game, check out our Roblox Locked Weapons Tier List, which ranks all weapon types from best to worst.

Roblox Locked Traits Tier List

Let’s take a look at the best traits in Locked… and the weakest ones. Use our Roblox Locked Traits guide to learn more about each individual trait too!

S Tier

The best traits to equip in Locked!

  • Puppeteer
    • Unique
    • Grants 5 team members extra Flow, but they have to be within range
  • Athlete
    • Exotic
    • Your Jumping power, Shot power, and Speed get a buff
  • Golden Zone
    • Legendary
    • Summons an AoE zone that buffs your shots
    • Limited to 1 use per match

A Tier

I reckon these traits are worth it. They’re really strong on the pitch and are almost as useful as S tier traits.

  • Egoist
    • Legendary
    • Ego gain for your Flow is increased by 4x
  • Quick Draw
    • Exotic
    • Charged shots are buffed by 50%
  • No Look
    • Exotic
    • You can perform boosted shots with shift lock disabled
  • Bunnys
    • Exotic
    • You can jump higher to reach the ball
  • Long Strides
    • Rare
    • Your sprinting speed gets a buff
  • Tireless
  • Fortune
    • Exotic
    • The cash you  earn in Tournaments and Auto Matches gets a 3x boost
  • Web
    • Rare
    • If an opponent is next to you, they cannot run

B Tier

These traits are good! Despite being placed in the middle tier, they still work well during a match, but they’re just not as impressive as those above.

  • Ambidextrous
    • Legendary
    • You have a 50/50 chance of either your right or left leg performing a stronger kick
  • Meta-Vision
    • Legendary
    • Your hitbox and speed are buffed
    • Gains an immunity to Ankle Breaks for a total of 100 seconds
    • However, after the 100 seconds are up, you become Exhausted, leading you to ragdoll with 0% stamina left
  • Consistent
    • Exotic
    • Cooldowns are reduced by 15%
  • Ripper
    • Exotic
    • If you manage to inflict an opponent with an Ankle Break, they will remain immovable for another 4 seconds
  • Unbreakable
    • Exotic
    • Immune to Ankle Breaks for a total of 20 seconds
  • Claw
    • Exotic
    • 20% chance to snatch a ball when blocking the goal
      • Increases to 70% if you have Snatch equipped
  • Tank
    • Rare
    • All of your hitboxes are now larger
  • Surf
    • Rare
    • You can slide tackle for longer

C Tier

I haven’t got much to say about these traits. They don’t really do much…

  • Diver
    • Exotic
    • Dive further with a speed increase
  • Powerhouse
    • Rare
    • Your shot power increases by a small amount
  • Clamps

D Tier

These traits weaken your character, therefore making them awful to equip.

  • Heavy
    • Rare
    • Your short power is buffed, but your character is slower
  • Weak
    • Common
    • Shot power is weakened
  • Dwarf
    • Common
    • Your hitbox is smaller
  • Lazy
    • Common
    • Your character is much slower
  • Tired

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