Anime Defenders Limited Banners Guide

By admin Jun7,2024

Waste no time! My Anime Defenders Limited Banners Guide tells you what the Limited Banner system is, how it works and if it’s worth investing in.

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Anime Defenders Limited Banners Guide

Whilst on first look, the Limited banner seems more available than the Standard this is not the case. The Limited Banner lasts for 14 days (2 weeks) and the units available will become unobtainable after the duration of the banner.

In comparison, the Standard banner lasts 60 minutes and rotates between a pool of units. However, the Standard banner units don’t become unavailable after the Banners end and they’ll return to the Banners eventually.

Thankfully, the Limited Banner doesn’t have any other catches, so you can pull for units at the same price as the Standard Banner which is 50 Gems per singular pull and 500 Gems for 10 consecutive pulls. Sadly, there isn’t a bundle deal. I’d recommend grinding for Gems through Story Mode, Missions, Quests, Raids, etc so you don’t miss out on the exclusive units.

Even if you’re unlucky, the Limited Banner has a Pity system that works independently from the Standard Banner. For every pull, you gain 1 Pity into two different counters; Legendary and Mythic. If you do 50 pulls and don’t receive that banner Legendary unit, you will be given it on the following pull and your Pity resets. For Mythic, it requires 400 pulls.

Current Limited Banner Units

The current banner hosts these units until June 17th:

  • The Cursed Knight – Secret unit (0.01% pull chance)
    • Evolves into The Cursed Knight Unlocked
  • Warrior Princess – Mythic unit (0.25% pull chance)
    • Evolves into Warrior Queen
  • Electric Cyborg – Legendary unit (2% pull chance)
  • Ocean Guardian – Epic unit (15.25% pull chance)
  • Magic Arrow – Rare unit (82.5% pull chance)

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