Fruit Seas Fighting Styles Guide

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Ready to throw down? Prefer your fists and feet to messing around with swords or guns? Then there are a range of Fruit Seas fighting styles guide covers all the different unarmed styles in the game so far, where to train them, what they cost, and what moves you get by training them.

Fruit Seas is available now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Fruit Seas Fruit guide if you prefer some more supernatural ways of dealing damage.

Fruit Seas Fighting Styles Guide

Right, let’s talk fighting.

What Are Fighting Styles?

Fighting styles are a way to switch up your unarmed movesets in Fruit Seas. You change them by finding their respective trainer out in the world and parting with the Beli required to let them train you in a style. You can only have one fighting style on at a time, so make sure you choose wisely!

Available Fighting Styles

These are the fighting styles available in the game, along with the moveset each of the styles have attached to them. Some moves may need you to increase your Mastery level of the fighting style in order to use.

Fist Style

Obtained by default on starting the game. If you have some buyer’s remorse on the other stylers, seek out NPC Khabib in Logue Town, he’ll return it to you for 1000 Beli.


Black Leg Style

A kick-based fighting style. Trained by Sanji on Baratie. You can pick it up 150,000 Beli.

  • Mastery 0
  • Mastery 65
  • Mastery 150
  • Mastery 250

Electro Style

A style where your fists become electrified, letting you deal some shocking strikes. You can train it with the NPC Carrot in Skypiea for 200,000 Beli.

  • Mastery 1
  • Master 75
  • Master 150

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