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By admin Jun7,2024

On the lookout for some Isekai Feast codes to tuck into? Redeem the codes in this guide to get a banquet of free rewards with the simple click of a button.

Visit the Google Play page for Isekai Feast to learn more about the gacha game. We have an Isekai Feast Tier List that ranks all the characters to help you get started in the game. It’s perfect to use alongside the codes that grant you tons of free Diamonds and Summon Tickets!

Isekai Feast Codes

From Summon Tickets to Coins, to free SSR heroes, these codes provide all you could ever want in Isekai Feast! Codes are few and far between at times, but once they’re active, you should redeem them as soon as possible before they no longer work.

Active Codes

Tried and tested, these codes currently work in Isekai Feast! Be quick though, they may expire before you next log on.

  • Tales
    • 15 Summon Tickets
    • 800 Advanced Stones
    • 1 Storybook
    • 800 Diamonds
  • VIP777
  • Recipes
    • 1 Bubble Storyline
    • 500K Coins
    • 5 Wish Crystals
    • 1K Diamonds
    • 5 Hunt Tokens
  • jollymax
    • 2 Summon Tickets
    • 188 Diamonds
    • 100K Hero XP
  • Feast
    • 400 Diamonds
    • 10 Summon Tickets
    • 500 Advanced Stones
    • 10 Hunt Tokens
    • 5M Coins
    • 5 Elite Scrolls
    • Free SSR Hero: Miya and Yuri
    • 1K Diamonds
  • Isekai
    • 400 Diamonds
    • 10 Summon Tickets
    • 500 Advanced Stones

How to Redeem Isekai Feast Codes

  • Open up Isekai Feast on your chosen device (iOS, Android, or PC via an emulator like BlueStacks)
  • Tap the profile button in the top left of the main screen (your avatar picture!)
  • There are 3 options at the bottom of the screen in this new window: ‘Redeem’, ‘Image’, and ‘Settings’
  • A pop-up box appears with a text box that reads ‘Please enter the redeem code’
  • Copy a code from above and paste it into the box (alternatively, you can type it in from scratch, but it’s much faster if you copy and paste!)
  • Tap the yellow ‘Confirm’ button to redeem the code
  • Your rewards should be sent to you instantly, but make sure to check your in-game mailbox if you can’t see them!

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