The Art Of ÁRIDA Is An Upcoming Art Book On ÁRIDA’s Concept And Art

By admin Jun5,2024

Aoca Game Lab, the makers of the ÁRIDA series, are doing something pretty epic. This time, they’re going beyond making game content. It’s a gorgeous artbook that dives deep into the creative heart of ÁRIDA. Titled ‘The Art of ÁRIDA – Book I: Awakening,’ the art book is now up for pre-ordering.

Here’s What The Art of ÁRIDA – Art Book Tells About

Just like the name suggests, it talks about the story of how the game and its art were made. It has prototypes and final versions of the game’s concepts, settings, visuals and characters. If you’re a designer, illustrator, collector, game developer or just a fan of the series, you’ll definitely get to learn a thing or two from this book.

The Art of ÁRIDA – Book I: Awakening is a collaboration artbook between Aoca Game and Editora Europa. Aoca Game Lab first showed off its prototype at the 2023 Brazil Game Show, which received quite an enthusiastic reaction. The art book adds to the series’ legacy as ÁRIDA’s story has captivated gamers and earned a spot in educational books across Brazil.

The Art of ÁRIDA is set to launch on June 14th, but you can pre-order this art book now. And you even get some discounts for that. You can check all of that out on the Editora Europa website. By the way, Aoca Game Lab isn’t stopping at just one book. Apparently, they’re working on more printed goodies and other physical items to expand the ÁRIDA universe.

Well, this isn’t the first time that a game’s concept, art and journey has been turned into a beautiful art book. Take Sky: Children of the Light for instance. They recently released ‘The Art of Sky’ which lets gamers and artists dive into the stories behind their creative process. As an art lover myself, I appreciate game studios trying to share their stories with the people.

Ever Played Any ÁRIDA Game?

Right now, the only ÁRIDA game available on Android is ÁRIDA: Backlands Awakening. Originally called Projeto Sertão, it lets you experience the harsh realities of the Brazilian backlands in the 19th century. It’s a survival game which tests your resource management skills.

In Backlands Awakening, you step into the shoes of Cícera, a gutsy 13-year-old girl navigating the severe droughts and historical events like the War of Canudos. You gather resources, cook up cassava, dig wells and team up with other characters to stay alive. Check the game out on the Google Play Store.

I am pretty excited to see Aoca’s latest art book The Art of ÁRIDA. Are you too? Meanwhile, take a look at our other news. BrownDust 2 Drops 1st Anniversary PV, Following Special Unit Eris From Mushoku Tensei!

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