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By admin Jun5,2024

This complete Anime Defenders Trading Guide gives you some insight into this helpful feature. If you want to know how to trade, or how to value things, then this guide can help you out!

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Anime Defenders Trading Guide

Anime Defenders remains unique versus other anime-inspired tower defence titles. Usually, they tend not to include a trading system. Within Anime Defenders, trading is an easier way to obtain hard-to-get units and items where both parties get something they seek.

To get started on your trading endeavours, load into the main hub and head over to the green portal with ‘Trading’ written on it. It’s worth noting that you must be level 10 or above to trade. Likely to prevent an influx of multi-account players from stocking up on insane loot and units.

Within the trading hub, you can get your hands on Units, Star Rifts, Items, Gems and other miscellaneous bits and bobs. As expected, the harder a unit or item is to get, the higher its value. So, prepare to forfeit a hefty sum of Gems or Units to get what you’re after.

I’d recommend joining the Anime Defenders Discord server so you can reach a ton of players at once and check out their trades as well as submit for your own possible trades.

What Should You Be Trading For?

Not that it will be easy, since both parties need to agree for a successful trade. But, I recommend trading your doubles of high-value units for either other high-value units, or a large sum of Gems.

Alternatively, if you have a unit capable of Evolution (Mythic or Secret rarity), you’ll need to get Star Rifts which have a low drop chance to craft their Evolution item. Any high-value unit or double you’re not too fond of would make a good addition for a trade so that you can build on your own team!

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