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Our Fruit Seas Island Level Guide will explain all the Island Levels in Fruit Seas, and what you can expect to find in each.

To sail the seas for yourself and start your adventure, visit the official Roblox website. If you’re already a player or want some more information, why not check out our Fruit Seas Haki Guide and our Fruit Seas Accessories Guide.

Fruit Seas Island Level Guide

In Fruit Seas, there are different islands for you to explore. Each island offers different quests, items, accessories, and NPCs.

Windmill Village

  • Levels 1 – 35
  • Accessories: Eye Patch and Renier’s Scarf
  • When starting the game, you get the choice to become a Pirate or a Marine. If you chose Pirate, this is where you will spawn into
  • Here you will find the Demon Fruit Shop, Set Home, and the NPC called Eddy

Shell Town

  • Levels 1 – 25
  • Accessories: Morgan’s Jaw
  • If you chose to be a Marine when starting the game, you will spawn here
  • The Marine Recruiter NPC is found here, as well as the Demon Fruit Shop and Set Home

Orange Town

  • Levels 35 – 60
  • Accessories: Orange Cape
  • Here you will find the Demon Fruit Shop, Weak Magician, and Set Home


  • Levels 60 – 100
  • Accessories: Jungle Crown, Runner Headband, Athlete Headband, and Warrior Headband
  • Here you will find: Alphirex, Demon Fruit Shop, Dojo Teacher, and Set Home


  • Levels 100 – 150
  • You can find Demon Fruit Shop, Merchant of The East, Sanji, and Set Home on this island


  • Levels 150 – 240
  • Accessories: Desert King’s Cape and Dragon Tooth Necklace
  • This island has the Demon Fruit Shop, Fresh, Merchant of The West, and Set Home

Arlong Park

  • Levels 240 – 315
  • Accessories: Fisherman’s Belt and Hawk Hat
  • Here you can find the Demon Fruit Shop, Fisherman, Rayleigh, and Set Home


  • Levels 315 – 440
  • Accessories: Barrel Helm, Skyfarer’s Hat, Sun-Gazer Glasses, and Tomoe Drums
  • The Carrot, Demon Fruit Shop, Retired Pirate, Sky Merchant, Wyper, and Set Home are all here!

Cactus Peak

  • Levels 440 – 515
  • Accessories: Bomber Glasses
  • Only the Delinquent can be found here

Indomitable Fortress

  • Levels 515 – 850
  • Accessories: Death Cap, Flamingo Glasses, and Flamingo Cape


  • Accessories: Warrior Helmet and Bloody Cloak
  • If you’re looking to fight, this is where to go!
  • You will find Set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, and the Ancient Warrior here

Abandoned Territory

  • Accessories: Bear Hat, Cyborg Glasses, Poseidon’s Regalia, and Abyssal Gauntlets
  • Come here to buy Computer Micro Chip materials, or to fight the Kuma Raid Bosses
  • The set Home, Demon Fruit Shop, and Mysterious Scientist are here

Logue Town

  • Also known as community island
  • Accessories: Marine Hat and Smoke Admiral Cape
  • There are many NPCs here! You will find:  Blacksmith, Bounty Hunter, Chore Boy, Gun Merchant, Khabib, Pirate Recruiter., Random Fruit Dealer, Reputation Tracker, Sword Collector, Ted, Title Holder, and Demon Fruit Shop

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