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By admin Jun4,2024
Feature image for our Doomspire Defense tier list. It shows the unit shop, with various different characters.

Want to know who should get your all-important tower spots? Or whether you should gun for one of the special units? Well, we’re here to advise. Our Doomspire Defense tier list ranks all the different tower units from the most impressive to the most underwhelming so you can make a more educated guess rather than limp through a round with a terrible roster.

Doomspire Defense is available to play now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Doomspire Defense codes guide, to see if there are any free rewards up for grabs.

Doomspire Defense Tier List

Our tier list ranks the in-game units in descending order. S-Tier are the very best, and the list goes down to the very worst in D-Tier. We’ve included a summary with each tier, so you should have some idea about where the units stand.


The very best units available. They’re worth looking for in the unit shop whenever you’re there, and are definitely worth a spot in your bottom bar. These often have special features that set them apart.


Excellent units that can easily form the backbone of your army alongside the S-Tiers. These tend not to have the crazy features of S-Tier towers, but they’re definitely good.


Solid, if not super impressive. These make good space-fillers for your roster. They’re not bad, but they probably won’t be your heaviest hitters.

  • Sword Master
  • Baller
  • Rocketeer
  • Moderator
  • Survivalist


These are pretty basic. They’re fine to start out with, but you will almost definitely want to swap them out for something better along the line to keep your lineup competitive.

  • Battler
  • Slingshotter
  • Cake Battler


These aren’t very helpful at all and don’t really provide much utility. Avoid using these if you possibly can and only put them in if you don’t have anything else available.

  • There are no D-Tier units right now. That’s something to be pleased about!

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