Soup-Er Fun Awaits Isekai Feast: Tales Of Recipes Coming To Android Soon!

By admin Jun4,2024

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes, Eyougame’s most recent innovation, will be delivered on a silver platter, more precisely, on June 5th at 6:00 PM (UTC+8).

In Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes, meals are your merry band of explorers, and recipes are heroes. You can meet culinary characters, the most hyped ones being Miyuki, Victoria, Riku, and a mystery character that’s not revealed yet. The treats here have distinct talents and anecdotes to help you solve each dimension’s riddles.

Soul Pets And Never-Ending Draws

The game partners you with a soul pet, your loyal companion, on this culinary crusade. These aren’t just cute mascots, though. Soul pets fight alongside you, adding another layer of strategy to your battles. Along with creating a group of strong characters, you’ll probe this delicious universe and take over dungeons.

A plethora of activities keep things interesting. Firstly, you could start story missions and discover a flavor-filled universe. Or perhaps, test your creations against other arena players after that. Secondly, there’s a social component where you can assemble the best recipe squad with friends.

Isekai Feast: Tales of Recipes features a questline called “Soul Guardian.” In this quest, you’ll gather hidden artifacts and use their power to face a mighty foe named Kaiserus.

Pre-register To Receive Free Gifts!

This could get you exclusive rewards like powerful twins Miya & Yuri, a storybook, and in-game currency to summon heroes and upgrade your team. Enthralled with this game already? You can pre-register for it on Google Play. You may discover a legendary recipe that will turn the tide of war or, at the very least, yield some incredibly delicious in-game meals.

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