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Our Doomspire Defense tier list is just what you need when loading up the game for the first time! Bombarded with costs, towers locked behind levels, and a range of abilities, it’s not easy when trying to work out which towers are best for your strategy!

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Doomspire Defense Tier List

Saved up some cash but not sure which towers to buy first in Doomspire Defense? Take a look at these rankings!

S Tier

The best towers in Doomspire Defense!

  • Cloner
    • Intermediate
    • Costs $1.5K
    • Creates clones to fight alongside them in battle
  • Wizard
    • Intermediate
    • Costs $1.25K
    • Deals fire damage, inflicting them with the Burn debuff
  • Boombox
    • Advanced
    • Costs $4.25K
    • Buffs the overall Speed of your towers (must be in range)
  • Rockstar
    • Advanced (level 20)
    • Costs $6K
    • Continuous AoE attack
    • Buffs the overall DMG of the towers that are positioned close by
  • General
    • Advanced (level 80)
    • Costs $12K
    • Drops airstrike attacks, extra soldiers, buffs the range of your towers, and drops off supplies

A Tier

These towers are a little on the pricier side, but for good reason!

  • Baller
    • Intermediate
    • Costs $700
    • Uses balls that bounce in battle, striking multiple enemies more than once
  • Mr Tix
    • Intermediate
    • Costs $1K
    • You earn more in-game Cash per wave
  • Arsenal
    • Intermediate (level 10)
    • Costs $3K
    • 2 agents attack the enemies without sharing damage and range
      • You basically get double stats!
  • Six-Shooter
    • Intermediate
    • Costs $2K
    • Can attack 1 to 6 enemies at once, though the overall damage is reduced by 0.5 per targeted enemy
  • Spawner
    • Advanced (level 10)
    • Costs $4K
    • Spawns summons that attack on the path where the Spawner is placed
  • Pianist
    • Advanced (level 15)
    • Costs $4.5K
    • Defeats pianos, stuns them, and continues to deal DMG
  • Hyperlaser
    • Advanced (level 15)
    • Costs $5K
    • Instantly defeats an enemy but has an extremely long cooldown
  • Machinery
    • Advanced (level 40)
    • Costs $10K
    • Attacks enemies with a beam that deals high amount of damage
    • Can summon turrets when you reach the later levels, as long as the tower has the Overheated effect

B Tier

They’re worth the cash, but are also pretty situational! Plus, compared to the above towers, they’re quite weak.

  • Sword Master
    • Starter
    • Costs $200
    • Can attack multiple enemies with a sword
  • Bomber
    • Starter
    • Costs $500
    • Uses bombs in battle that explode, causing an AoE attack
  • Freezer
    • Starter
    • Costs $600
    • Freezes enemies
    • When upgraded, you can then attack the frozen enemies
  • Rocketeer
    • Intermediate
    • Costs $800
    • Attacks with single-target rockets, but deals splash DMG
  • Troweler
    • Intermediate
    • Costs $2.5K
    • Damages enemies with walls, but said walls also damage this tower
    • Any summons that walk through the wall have their HP replenished
  • Heavy Gunner
    • Advanced (level 10)
    • Costs $4.75K
    • Deals lots of DMG with a turret, but it must lock on to an enemy first and then charge up
    • If this tower is stunned, the turret can break
  • Pizza Place
    • Advanced (level 20)
    • Costs $5.5K
    • Forces enemies to spend in-game cash on pizza

C Tier

Are these towers a waste of your in-game cash? Probably.

  • Slingshotter
    • Starter
    • Costs $100
    • Uses a slingshot to attack but may miss some of the hits
  • Paintballer
    • Starter
    • Costs $400
    • Attacks enemies with paint, uncloaking those who are invisible (very situational, hence the ranking!)

D Tier

The weakest towers in the game, don’t use them!

  • Battler
    • Starter
    • The beginner tower
    • 0 weapons apart from guns

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