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How does the Anime Defenders Banner system work? With a pity system, an auto-sell feature, and various rarities, the ever-changing banners can be a little confusing at first.

Visit the official Roblox page for Anime Defenders to see who’s on the current banner. Firstly, you’ll need gems, so use our Anime Defenders Gems guide to learn how to obtain more! To find out about the best units in the game, take a look at our Anime Defenders Tier List guide, and our Anime Defenders Units guide.

Anime Defenders Banner Guide

The banners in Anime Defenders work more or less the same way as other entries in the genre. The banner swaps out with another every 60 minutes, featuring various new units each time. There’s always a Mythic unit on the banner, a Legendary, and a bunch of Epic units. Oh, and the units below Epic rarity, but nobody really bothers with those…

To check the rarity of the available units, you can click on the ‘Show Chances’ in the bottom left of the banner window. From here, you can see that Legendary units have a 2% chance to drop, Mythics have a 0.25% chance, Epic units have a 15.25% chance, and Rare units have a 27.5% drop rate.

You’ll most likely obtain Rare units when you do a 10-pull, with a chance of getting an Epic. You have to be really lucky to get a Legendary or Mythic outside of the pity bars. Every banner includes a Secret rarity unit too, which is far rarer than any Mythic. These units are displayed with a silhouette rather than a photo of the character model!

A single pull costs 50 Gems and a 10-pull costs 500 Gems. Either way is fine, but saving up for a 10-pull can feel more rewarding as you get a bunch of new units all at once! Also, be careful with the ‘Auto-Sell’ section on the left, I wouldn’t suggest clicking on any of these, as Epic units are still good to have in your arsenal.


The Pity system relies on you actively summoning on the main banner. Every pull you do, even if you get a common unit, adds to your Legendary and Mythic pity bars. For a Legendary unit, you need to summon a total of 50 times, and for the Mythic unit, you need to summon 400 times. By reaching the pity cap, you’re guaranteed 1 Legendary and 1 Mythic.

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