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From Skypiea to Zou and onwards, this Fruit Seas Races Guide tells you about every species within the game including roll chances, perks, cosmetics and more!

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Fruit Seas Races Guide

When joining the experience, you automatically roll for a race. What you get is down to chance, however, every race has something unique to offer to your playthrough. Let’s race into telling you everything you need to know about the races!


The default. You have a 30% chance to become a human… Or remain one I guess since. Sadly, this race offers no buffs or cosmetics outside of your standard avatar skin. I’d recommend a reroll, personally.


Hailed from the island in the sky, Skypiea, these angelic beings have a 20% chance during race rolls. Skypiean players can be recognised for the white wings that adorn their backs. Sadly, the wings don’t allow for flight, but you do get some other perks!

  • +1 Geppo
  • Higher jumping height


With a 15% roll chance, Fishmen offer multiple unique cosmetics on top of nifty buffs. The cosmetics may appear as fins on the back, nose, arm, sideburns or head. And, they can be a variety of colours from blue, light blue, yellow, green and orange!

  • Fishmen players can swim in bodies of water even if they’re a Devil Fruit eater
  • Faster swim speed


Arguably the cutest race, Bepo is a mink after all. Similar to Fishmen, you have a 15% chance to roll for the Mink race. You’ll stunt one of three animal-like appearances as a Mink which are Dog, Rabbit or Goat.

  • +15% Movement Speed
  • +15% Stamina


Hey, this is the race I rolled for the first time! Oni’s have a 10% obtainment chance and adorn the player with horns on their head. Not to be confused with the Mink goat horns.

  • +10% Sword Resistance
  • +10% Fighting Style Resistance


SUUUPEEERRR! Okay, I just had to get that out of my system. The FRRRRANKY race, Cyborgs, has a slim 5% obtainment rate. If you become a Cyborg, you have a plethora of cosmetics to potentially get from eyepieces, chest pieces and even flightless wings. Not only that, they stunt multiple colours ranging from, blue, light blue, yellow, green and orange.


Similar to Skypieans, the Lunarian race adorns the players’ backs with wings, except this time they’re black! (Still flightless…) Lunarian has a small 5% obtainment rate and offers some generous buffs to its players.

  • +2x Burn Damage
  • +M1 Burn (A chance burn when attacking with your M1)
  • Immune to Burn damage


This unique race is new to the Fruit Seas roster, being added within Update 1. Also, unlike the other races, it isn’t a part of the race reroll and has a special obtainment method. To become a vampire you must defeat Lucius, a new enemy located in multiple places across the world.  On defeat, Lucius has the chance to drop Vampires Blood which when consumed, has a 100% chance to turn you into a Vampire.

  • +5% Player Lifesteal
  • +5% Critical Chance
  • +10% NPC Lifesteal
  • +15% Health Regeneration (only during nighttime)

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