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If you’re not quite sure what ‘Secret’ units are, the Anime Defenders The Gamer unit is one of them! This rarity has the lowest drop rate chance in the game, making ‘Secret’ units the rarest to obtain overall.

The Anime Defenders Roblox page features the game’s social media accounts, so go ahead and follow them to stay up to date! If you managed to obtain The Gamer, it’s time to equip him with a trait. But which one? Use our Anime Defenders Traits guide to learn more.

Anime Defenders The Gamer

The Gamer unit is indeed, Sung Jin Woo! If you’re not familiar with this character, he’s the main character in the Solo Leveling series. His rarity is ‘Secret’, making him the rarest unit in the entire game as of right now.

You can evolve The Gamer into the Pro Gamer, making the unit even stronger in battle. To do this, you must obtain the Demon Greatsword. The recipe for this item is:

  • 35 Yellow Star Rifts
  • 3 Rainbow Star Rifts
  • 9 Blue Star Rifts
  • 9 Green Star Rifts
  • 9 Red Star Rifts
  • 9 Purple Star Rifts
  • 33K Gold

As you can tell, you need to collect a ton of Star Rifts. The method of obtainment isn’t too difficult, but you’ll have to work through a bunch of challenges. Star Rifts are a reward for completing said challenges, though this is only the case for certain ones! If a challenge offers up Star Rifts, it’ll be stated in the rewards section before you head in.

How to Get The Gamer

Units of the ‘Secret’ rarity have a minuscule chance of dropping. And by minuscule, I mean 0.01%, making it a practically impossible drop. Still, it’s not out of the realm of possibility when you think about it, but you do have to be extremely lucky.

Luckily (see what I did there?), you can boost your luck! This can be done by using luck-boosting consumables that you earn by completing quests. You can opt to purchase them with Robux, but what’s the fun in that?

Anyway, once you have the luck-boosting items, you can use them whenever you plan to summon units from the banner in bulk. Don’t waste your luck boost on a few pulls, so make sure you’ve got quite a lot saved up before you do so.

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