Magic RNG Codes Guide – Are There Codes?

By admin May31,2024
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Eager to fill your pockets with some more coins in Magic RNG? Promo codes are often a way to get ahead in Roblox games, as developers release codes to redeem for in-game rewards. So, are they in Magic RNG? Our Magic RNG codes guide sets out to answer that question, and maybe help you get richer whatever the answer.

Magic RNG is available to play on Roblox. We’ve also got an Anime Revenge codes guide if you’re itching to play that too.

Magic RNG Codes Guide

First, we look for codes, then a way to redeem codes. Finally, we discuss other ways to earn rewards in-game without codes.

Are There Active Codes?

We’ve searched around on the official channels for any potential codes.

  • According to the official Magic RNG Discord, there are no codes in the game currently.

This means any codes circulating may not be real ones, so don’t waste any time trying to redeem them!

Is There A Code Redemption Process In Magic RNG?

Here is where we detail any code redemption process we find.

  • There is current no code redemption mechanic available in the game.

Are There Any Rewards Without Codes?

No codes? No worries! Fortunately, we’ve found plenty of ways to get items and top up your coin stash without them.

  • Daily Rewards – Open the gift icon in the top right with the number 7 next to it to open the Login Rewards section. This gives different rewards for every consecutive day you log in.
  • Online Time Rewards – The gift icon with the hourglass icon next to it opens a window that rewards you for time spent in-game. it ranges from five minutes to two hours. You can cleave the game running to earn this, but make sure to check in every fifteen minutes or so to make sure the game doesn’t kick you!
  • Shop – The shop tab, opened by tapping the shopping cart icon on the left, sometimes gives away free items. Look for a little red mark on the icon.
  • Achievements – Your achievements reward you with coins. Head to the Achievements tab, marked with a medal. Scroll through and redeem any you find are complete.

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