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By admin May31,2024
Feature image for our A Space Trip guide. It shows a view from the car window with an asteroid field in the distance.

Ready to cruise across the cosmos, or rather are you feeling a bit unready for it? Don’t worry. Our A Space Trip guide will show you how to get started in this stellar variation on the road trip genre.

A Space Trip is available to play now on Roblox. We also have an A Dusty Trip Controls guide, if you want a slightly more down-to-earth road trip.

A Space Trip Guide

Let’s get into what you need to do.

Getting Started

You start off in a garage, and the first thing you’ll probably notice is everything is pretty floaty. The whole thing takes place in zero gravity.

You may also notice that you have an oxygen meter.. and that it’s slowly inching down. Oh no.

Don’t panic, he’s what you need to do to get on the road.

  • Assemble your space..car?
    • This means getting hold of four thrusters, one radiator, one engine, four doors, one trunk cover and one hood. The doors aren’t essential, and won’t save you from your oxygen running low, but will give you extra protection.
  • Fill the fuel tank and the radiator.
    • Red cans have fuel for the fuel tank, blue cans have water for the radiator. You need both to keep things running smoothly. Fortunately, you should find one of each in the starting area.
  • Get some oxygen.
    • While it’s not listed in the tutorial, there is an oxygen bottle in the starting area. Take it and attach it to your car so you can refill some of your O2.

How To Survive

Staying alive in A Space Trip depends on managing the following bars.

  • Health – Obviously if you lose this it’s curtains for you. Try and stay away from enemies and missile fire. They will not be good for your HP levels.
  • O2 – If your oxygen reached zero.. well I’m sure you can imagine why that’s a problem. Use oxygen tanks to refill it. If the tank has spare O2, attach it to your car to use later.
  • Fuel – Fuel comes in red cans found around the map. Run out and your car stops moving.
  • Water– Not for drinking, but for keeping your radiator working so the engine doesn’t overheat. Keep an eye out for blue cans to refill it.

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