Blue Archive Producer Interview Covers Team Shakeup, Fanfic Love, And What’s Next for Kivotos

Blue Archive, the mobile game that took Korea and Japan by storm with its blend of school days, squad building, and what some might call “strategic deployments of adorable students,” is undergoing a leadership change. As revealed in the Blue Archive interview, after six years of growth, the development team at MX Studio is passing the torch to a new generation. But this doesn’t mean your favorite students are graduating early. The said interview consisted of two parts, the first was more focused on the 2.5th anniversary while the second was about the game’s future.

Changing Of The Guard At MX Studio

The news comes from a recent Blue Archive interview with the game’s Executive Producer, Kim Yong-ha. Kim admits to feeling a pang of nostalgia as the studio he helped shepherd for years enters a new phase. Original development leads like Cha Min-seo and Park Byeong-lim are stepping back into advisory roles while Kim resumes his position as a Development Producer.

This changing of the guard might make some fans nervous. After all, a new team means a new direction, right? Kim acknowledges this concern but assures players that Blue Archive’s core identity is safe. The “bright and light atmosphere” that sets the game apart from darker gacha titles will remain a priority.

Who are these new leaders taking the helm, you ask? They’re no strangers to the halls of Kivotos. Ahn Kyung-seop, previously the head of the combat team, will take over as Game Director. Oh Hyun-Seok, the writer behind the main story of the Special Response Team (SRT), is stepping up as Scenario Director. And rounding out the trio is Kim Guk-ki, the former head of the 2D character art team, who will now serve as Art Director.

These folks have been instrumental in Blue Archive’s success so far, and they’re chomping at the bit to deliver new content. In fact, Kim mentions they already have a roadmap in place for the next two years, which means plenty of stories, events, and, hopefully, new students to add to your favorite squads.

Sticking To The Recipe

One of the most exciting takeaways from the Blue Archive interview is Kim’s firm stance on staying true to Blue Archive’s niche. He recognizes that the game’s themes and, ahem, specific character designs might not appeal to everyone. There’s no point in chasing after mainstream trends, he says.

Instead, the focus will remain on delivering content that caters to the existing, passionate fanbase – the Senseis who appreciate the unique blend of cute and quirky that is Blue Archive.

This approach seems to resonate with the player base. Many fans online have voiced their approval of Kim’s commitment to staying the course. After all, why fix what isn’t broken, especially when “broken” involves students with impressive arsenals and questionable trigger discipline?

The Future Of Blue Archive

So, what does this all mean for the future of Blue Archive? A new crew is in charge, but they’re more interested in perfecting the formula than changing the game. Expect more smart squad construction, engaging stories set in Kivotos’ crazy universe, and students with enough firepower to embarrass even the toughest mercenary.

Kim even revealed he dove headfirst into Sensei-created content, mentioning he enjoyed all the fan fiction entries for the 2.5-anniversary contest. “It warms my heart to see Senseis’s love for the students and Kivotos,” he said. While Kim is happy with the game’s current state, he acknowledges room for improvement.

He highlighted the success of the Arona commercial campaign in Taiwan, crediting it for the game’s positive reception there. Kim is aware that fans are eager for a second anime season to follow up on the first.

“We hear you, Senseis,” he admitted. “But we want to ensure a season two lives up to your high standards. It takes a lot of prep work to create something extraordinary.” Kim’s statements suggest the development team may struggle to satisfy fan expectations after the first season’s success.

And, hey, if you’re not a part of this community yet, you can get Blue Archive on Google Play. Before you go, take a look at our news on YouTube Playables!

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