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By admin May31,2024

Not making enough progress and after some freebies? My Anime Revenge Codes guide remains updated with each new code release so you never have to miss out! Just don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back in with me for more rewards.

Check out Anime Revenge over on Roblox. If you’re a fan of this style of game, check out our Anime Defenders Banner Guide and Anime Defenders The Gamer Guide.

Anime Revenge Codes

I last checked for codes on May 31st, 2024.

Active Codes

Be sure to redeem these quickly before they expire! Expired codes will be purged from this list since after all who wants to see what they could’ve had?

  • GETREVENGE [NEW] – Redeem for 250 Gems

How To Redeem

Codes are only any good if you can actually use them. Thankfully, the process is simple and when you’ve done it once, you’ll always remember how to redeem codes!

  • As the game hasn’t been fully released, I can’t say for certain how the redemption process works.
  • If I had to guess, either check your settings menu for a code tab or find an area around the hub titled ‘Codes’ to redeem.
  • But, once the game launches this guide will update with the process, so if you’re still unsure then check back on launch!

Where To Get More Codes

Either you can check out Anime Revenge across its socials, or rely on me and this nifty guide to keep all the codes in one place. Keeping up with socials can be hectic between multiple platforms and massive group chats. Check out the Anime Revenge Twitter and Group for more.

Or, if you’re out of codes to redeem and still need Gems, try playing a few waves of the game to build currency or checking out the AFK Zone. Choose which process to your liking depending on whether you’d prefer a hands-on or hands-free approach to progressing and earning some currency!

By admin

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