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By admin May31,2024

What’s the deal with the Anime Defenders Sharpshooter unit? Players either love her or say she’s a load of rubbish. I’m here to quell those opinions, and prove that with a little work, the Sharpshooter unit is one of the best ranged DPS units in the game!

Summon the Sharpshooter now and load up the game via the Anime Defenders Roblox page! I actually placed Sharpshooter into one of my top picks for the Anime Defenders Best Team, so make sure to check that out.

Anime Defenders Sharpshooter

So, is the Anime Defenders Sharpshooter unit worth it? I’d say so! While some players complain that the unit is weak considering the fact that she’s of Mythical rarity, it takes a specific build to make her work. Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that she’s on the weaker side of the Mythic units, but if you build her correctly, she soars in combat. She’s based on Cris from Konosuba – well, Eris’s disguise as Cris!

The Sharpshooter has a total of 10 upgrades, with her last upgrade granting a range buff of +38.4. Because of this, and her abilities in general, she’s a fantastic option for a ranged DPS. Placing her on a hill gives her the advantage of being above the enemies, allowing her to stay hidden at times whilst still dealing damage. The more range she has, the better, as she can take the pressure off of units that are further away from her.

Improving the Sharpshooter Unit

Anyway, to make her work, you need to improve her Critical Damage and Critical Chance. This means her hits have a higher chance of dealing Crit Damage, no matter the distance. The Sharpshooter unit can also be evolved to improve her overall stats and abilities. You need 2 Sky Splitting Bows to evolve the Sharpshooter into the Proficient Sharpshooter! To obtain Sky Splitting Bows, you must craft them with the following materials:

  • 15 Yellow Star Rift
  • 1 Rainbow Star Rift
  • 7 Blue Star Rift
  • 6 Green Star Rift
  • 5 Red Star Rift

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