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By admin Jun1,2024

There is no definitive Anime Defenders best team. There are multiple! It all depends on the units you have, and which roles they play in combat.

Load up Anime Defenders and assemble your team. Before you head off, make sure to take a look at our Anime Defenders Banner guide too!

Anime Defenders Best Team

We’ve tested out some of our obtained units with various teams and we’ve concluded which units work best together in the current version.

Team 1

  • Elf Wizardess, Pink Rockstar, and The Gamer

The Pink Rockstar is one of the best units in the entire game purely due to their supportive role. They’re incredibly strong against enemies and are a great addition to any team. Throw in the Elf Wizardess for the ranged magic attacks, as well as the fact that she’s currently a meta unit, and you’re on your way to having the strongest team in the game.

To top it off, adding The Gamer unit to the team is setting you up for success. However, The Gamer is a Secret rarity unit, so he’s difficult to obtain. Feel free to swap him out with another DPS unit that deals high damage.

Team 2

  • Carp, Strongest Swordsman, and Sharpshooter

Firstly, Sharpshooter is severely underrated. She’s a Mythical unit, and yes she may not be the strongest of them all, but she’s a brilliant ranged DPS. If you focus on increasing her Crits, she’ll excel on the battlefield. Place her on a hill to attack from afar, giving her the advantage of the high ground.

The Strongest Swordsman is a great unit to place on the ground at the forefront. He deals serious damage to those close by, and with upgrades, he unlocks 2 new abilities. And lastly, Carp. He’s a popular Mythical unit amongst players and is currently part of the meta. He’s the best unit for AoE attacks, striking enemies around him with line attacks and circular slashes.

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