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The Attack on Titan Revolution Zoe family is one of the best in the game, even with it being of Epic rarity and not Legendary! Then again, the drop rate different between the 2 is pretty slim.

See which family you’re a part of in Attack on Titan Revolution! Take a look at our Attack on Titan Revolution Ackerman guide and our Attack on Titan Revolution Yeager guide.

Attack on Titan Revolution Zoe

The Zoe clan is based on none other than Hange Zoe! She’s tough in the anime and in Attack on Titan Revolution – well, the family clan is. Despite only being of the Epic rarity, this family is one of the strongest in the game.

With a 0.35% drop rate, it’s still a rare one to become a part of though! Even if you don’t become a part of a Legendary family, don’t worry, as Epic families are just as good, if not a tiny bit weaker. The main difference is fewer family-exclusive skills and the possibility of fewer base stat buffs!

Base Stats

Here are the base stats for Zoe members!

  • ODM Gear Speed +10%
  • ODM Gear Control +10%
  • Upgrades are 5% cheaper

Zoe Skill

The special skill for the Zoe clan is Last Stand! This skill gives you the ability to deplete 35% of your HP when activating it. Once activated, the following effects occur:

Last Stand Effects

However, Zoe members cannot shift into Titans, which isn’t favourable. Anyway, onto the positives! Here are the base stats for all members of the Zoe clan/family:

  • ODM Speed +15%
  • DMG taken is reduced by +30%
  • DMG +15%
  • Using bandages while in Last Stand mode recovers lots of HP as well as repairing injuries

As well as these stats, Zoe players can ignore incoming injuries for a total of 40 seconds. If you don’t know how the Attack on Titan Revolution injuries works, have a look at our guide! But, here’s the catch. If you haven’t recovered from your injuries within 30 seconds, you better prepare yourself…

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