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Part of the Attack on Titan Revolution Ackerman family? Read on to discover more about the clan, including the stats, skills, and rarity.

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Attack on Titan Revolution Ackerman

The Ackermans! A famous bunch, really. You probably first think of Levi Ackerman, but there’s also Mikasa. Understandably, the Ackerman family/clan in Attack on Titan Revolution is popular amongst players. It’s also one of the best families to be a part of in the game, so there’s that too.

Ackerman Family

The Ackerman clan is a Legendary family that has a 0.05% chance of dropping. This makes it part of the rarest group of families in Attack on Titan Revolution, alongside Yeager and Reiss.

As an Ackerman, you gain access to the Rage Mode ability. This adds a bar to your UI that fills up as you deal DMG to Titans, and fills up more when you defeat a Titan. Not only do your cooldowns reset, but your ODM stats get an overall +15% boost, your HP Regeneration is increased by 3, and your maximum HP is now 125.

Base Stats

Here are the base stats for the Ackerman family members! All members receive these buffs when joining the clan, and you even unlock the ability to double jump.

  • +20% DMG
  • +15% Critical Chance
  • +15% Critical DMG
  • Dash Boost +1

ODM Stats

  • +10% ODM Range
  • +10% ODM Gas
  • +10% ODM Control

Ackerman Skills

In addition to all the stat boosts above, there are family-exclusive skills for the Ackermans. The first is called ‘Swift Strikes’, which allows you to chain Titans together to defeat them instantly. However, the Titans must be within a specific range to be chained.

The second family skill is ‘Let it RIP’. This makes your character spin around for a total of 6 seconds, protecting you (more or less) whilst you deal damage to nearby Titans. Remember to point your cursor in the direction you want to go in though!

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