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The Anime Defenders best units may surprise you… or not! Of course, They’re Mythic units, but that’s not the sole reason they were picked.To learn more, read on!

Go to the Anime Defenders Roblox page to assemble a team of the best units now! To find out more about the game, have a read of our Anime Defenders Gems guide and our Anime Defenders Traits guide.

Anime Defenders Best Units

Here are our top 3 picks for the best units in Anime Defenders right now! All of them are deemed as ‘meta’ units, which makes them the strongest additions to any team no matter their role.

Elf Wizardess

The Elf Wizardess is a unit based on Frieren from Frieren! She’s a Mythic unit that is available via the summoning banner, but she’s one of the rarest characters to obtain in general. Evolving the Elf Wizardess by using 3 Flame Grimoires turns her into the Elf Hero, making her even stronger.

She works best as a ranged DPS unit, using magic on the battlefield whilst focusing on Ground-type attacks. The Elf Wizardess is currently a meta unit, which means she’s universally good, and is the best character in the game overall – at least for now!

By upgrading this unit, her maximum range can reach 27.8, allowing her to deal DMG to enemies across the map. Plus, her total DMG goes from 163 to 3,269 when reaching upgrade 10, which is a huge upgrade. This means you should prioritise upgrading the Elf Wizardess first if she’s in your team!

Pink Rockstar

The Pink Rockstar unit is currently the best meta support character. Inspired by Bocchi from Bocchi the Rock, the Pink Rockstar can be obtained through the summoning banner in-game. She has no evolved form, which is a bit of a bummer, but she’s strong nonetheless. We have an Anime Defenders Pink Rockstar guide that goes into more detail regarding the unit!

Pink Rockstar is the go-to support unit right now for any team due to her ability to provide buffs, as well as farming resources. She only has 6 upgrades in total, but her base form is powerful enough. Still, you should upgrade her as much as you can, with the 6th upgrade costing 10K Yen.

Flame Dragon King

Inflicting the Burn debuff on enemies is a great way to deal damage over time (DoT). This is where the Flame Dragon King comes in! He’s the meta Burn unit right now, meaning he’s the best character to have on your team when applying pressure to your opponents. Dealing damage passively with a DoT attack allows you to focus on your other units for a while.

The Flame Dragon King is based on Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail. You can evolve him by crafting a Fire Dragon Soul with its own recipe. This turns him into the Flame Dragon God!

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