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By admin May29,2024

Demon Piece, er, I mean Fruit Seas has just launched Update 1 which hosts a new area for players to explore! This Fruit Seas Indomitable Fortress Guide tells you how to get to this island, what’s here, and how to defeat it!

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Fruit Seas Indomitable Fortress Guide

Indomitable Fortress is based on Impel Down from One Piece (IYKYK and my condolences). What’s unique about this new area is that it hosts a dungeon rather than being linear with progressively more difficult enemies and no location restrictions. As of Update 1, Indomitable Fortress is the last and highest-level island in Fruit Seas. This island hosts players through levels 515-850.

On this island, you will also find the new Raid boss, Flamingo Fiend who is of course based on the flashy Warlord, Don Quixote Doflamingo. However, to fight him you’ll have to complete the Indomitable Fortress dungeon and unlock each area. Luckily, once you’ve unlocked a gate, it will remain open even after you leave and rejoin the game.

Indomitable Fortress Enemies

So, let’s get into the new enemies you’ll face in this Fortress of solitude and torment.

  • Lava Demon
    • Health: 15,000
    • Freezing Prison Key – 5% drop chance
  • Yeti
    • Health: 20,000
    • Eternal Prison Key – 5% drop chance
  • Chief Warden
    • Health: 32,000
    • Indomitable Prison Key – 3% drop chance
    • Death Cap (Accessories) – 2% drop chance
    • Nightshade (Weapon) – 1% drop chance

Indomitable Fortress Dungeon

As you head deeper into the Indomitable Fortress, you’ll come across stronger enemies who have a slim chance to drop you the keys needed to progress. Eventually, you’ll make it to the base of this underwater prison where the Flamingo Fiend occasionally breaks out of his cell to scrap with players.

  • Flamingo Fiend
    • Health: 80,000
    • Flaming Glasses (Accessories) – 2% drop chance
    • Flamingo Cape (Accessories) – 1% drop chance
    • Flamingo Boat (Vehicle) – 0.5% drop chance

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