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Curious about the Asura Clans? Read on to find out more about the clan rarities, how to make your own ‘clan’, and the buffs that are provided by the rarer in-game clans!

Asura is a PvP Roblox game that mainly revolves around beating your fellow players to progress. The aim is to train your character as much as you can, ensuring that you’re the strongest around – or at least on the server! Explore the city as you face your foes with a wide range of abilities and head into the boxing ring for the ultimate battle.

For more information about Asura, visit the game’s official Roblox page! If you’re enjoying Roblox at the moment, why not check out our other content? We’ve got a GPO Dullahan Race guide, an Arcane Lineage Potions guide, and our Haze Piece Max Level guide.

Asura Clans

While clans don’t have the biggest effect on your character, they can help with strengthening your stats a little.

Clan Rarities

So, how rare are some of the clans? Let’s talk percentages!

  • Common – 73%
  • Uncommon – 5%
  • Rare – 1%

Common Clans

The clans that are the easiest to obtain.

  • Clanless
    • This is exactly what it says on the tin! If you’re clanless, then you have no clan. With this being the most common one, all players will be clanless at some point!
  • Your own named clan
    • You can actually enter a last name, which will then become your ‘clan’. However, this isn’t an official clan, so you won’t receive any abilities or buffs by doing this.

Uncommon Clans

With a 5% drop rate, these clans are definitely uncommon.

  • Furion
  • Bakufu
  • Raiyaku
  • Fumetsu
  • Ganiz

Rare Clans

Understandably, clans with a 1% drop rate are the rarest to obtain in Asura. Because of that, they’re the strongest clans and even come with their own physical appearances and plenty of buffs!

  • Kure
    • Durability: +10%
    • Strength: +10%
    • Gives your character white eyes
    • Mode: Removal
  • Senko
    • Speed: +10%
    • Strength: +10%
    • Gives your character blue eyes (you can still obtain glowing eyes!)
    • Mode: Godspeed

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