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Obtained the Anime Defenders Skull Warrior? Learn more about his stats, how to evolve him, and the best role for the unit with this guide!

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Anime Defenders Skull Warrior

So, who’s the Skull Warrior based on? Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach! However, it’s his Hollow variant, with white hair and a Hollow mask. This unit is of the Mythical rarity, which is the rarest type, apart from the Secret rarity – a whole other thing entirely. To obtain the Skull Warrior unit, you need to pull on the summoning banner and hope that luck’s on your side!

Skull Warrior Stats

What’s he like on the battlefield then? As this unit is the Hollow variant of Ichigo, the main character from the Bleach series, he is extremely strong overall. With his abilities, he’s more of a DPS than any other role, and is especially useful when attacking multiple enemies at once thanks to his AoE moves. Here are his base stats:

  • Placement Cap: 4
  • Cost to Deploy: 1.5K
  • Type: Ground
  • 10 Upgrades

From levels 1 to 2, he casts an AoE attack. At levels 3 to 4, the AoE move takes the form of a circle. Levels 5 to 8 alter the circle AoE to a line AoE, which then reverts to a circle once you upgrade the Skull Warrior to levels 9 to 10.

How to Evolve the Skull Warrior

As for the evolution of the Skull Warrior unit, a singular Skull Mask is required. To obtain the Skull Mask, you must craft it! Here are the requirements:

  • 4 Green Stars
  • 28 Yellow Stars
  • 2 Rainbow Stars
  • 6 Red Stars
  • 6 Blue Stars

Once evolved, the Skull Warrior morphs into the Skull Paladin. This evolution is a stronger version of the former but retains the Mythical rarity.

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