Fruit Seas Flamingo Fiend Guide

By admin May28,2024
Feature image for our Fruit Seas Flamingo Fiend guide which shows my avatar wearing a brown scarf with a wooden staff equipped to her waist stood before some trees and orange roof topped buildings on one of the many islands of the game

The king of Dressrosa has made his way into Fruit Seas, formally Demon Piece! My Fruit Seas Flamingo Fiend Guide tells you all about the Doffy raid boss from location, boss stats, drops and more.

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Fruit Seas Flamingo Fiend Guide

Based on Doflamingo from the One Piece series, this warlord stunts his iconic String Fruit abilities during combat. He is located at the Indomitable Fortress island based on Impel Down which hosts players through levels 515 to 850.

Indomitable Fortress hosts a dungeon on its island which when complete will remain permanently open, even if you leave and rejoin the game. This dungeon will need to be completed before you can fight the Flamingo Fiend boss. So use this dungeon as a scale for how difficult he is to fight!

The Fortress is also the final island as of Update 1, meaning 850 is your new level cap. I’d recommend maximising your strength potential and levelling up as much as possible before taking down this new formidable foe.

Flamingo Fiend has 80,000 HP and his spawn cooldown time is currently unknown. Chances are you’ll be waiting a while between spawns, so I’d recommend server-hopping if you want to grind him for loot. Don’t forget to set your spawn location!

Flamingo Fiend Drops

Upon defeat, Mingo has the chance to drop a few flashy and strong bits of loot for you to enjoy.

  • Flamingo Boat – 0.5% drop chance (Transport)
    • Current stats are unknown, check back soon!
  • Flamingo Cape – 1% drop chance (Accessory)
    • +750 Health
    • +5% Critical chance
    • +5% Health Regeneration
    • +5% Damage
  • Flaming Glasses – 2% drop chance (Accessory)
    • +10% Critical chance
    • +15% Fruit Damage
    • +15% Movement Speed

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