Fruit Seas Rubber Fruit – What It Is And How To Get It

Curious about the Fruit Seas Rubber Fruit? We’re here to answer all your questions! We’ll go over what the Fruit Seas Rubber Fruit is, and how you can get it for yourself.

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Fruit Seas Rubber Fruit

Let’s find out all there is to know about this fruit!

What It Does

The Rubber fruit allows you to stretch your whole body and limbs to reach out and attack enemies. It makes you extremely flexible, so you can battle opponents from afar by stretching your body out.

It currently has five moves:

  • Bazooka -1
  • Gattling – 50
  • Rifle – 100
  • 2nd Gear – 300
  • Rocket -25

How To Get It

The Rubber Fruit is a legendary fruit, meaning it is difficult and very rare to get hold of.

There are a few ways for you to get fruit in Fruit Seas. One way is by visiting the Demon Fruit Shop. Stock changes regularly, so if luck is on your side… you may be able to find the Rubber Fruit here! Unfortunately, if you did manage to find it in stock, the price would most likely be very high. Although it is worth the price due to the abilities it has, it’s up to you, and whether you want to splash the cash!

The other way to obtain fruit also requires luck, and that is by defeating bosses. When you defeat an enemy or a boss, they often drop items. This includes fruit, but as the Rubber Fruit is legendary, it makes the chances of it being dropped slim. Although going around and defeating bosses is great to practice your battle skills, you could get lucky and end up with the Rubber Fruit. Two birds with one stone, right?

Fruits also spawn around the map every 30 minutes, so you could end up walking right into one! Take this time to walk around and explore the map… you might get lucky and find the Rubber Fruit.

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