A Dusty Trip Classic Event Guide

By admin May28,2024
Feature image for our A Dusty Trip classic guide. It shows a player in-game shooting at blocky zombies.

A Dusty Trip is looking less dusty and more blocky at the moment, with a good reason. It’s the Roblox Classic event, and you can earn event-exclusive Tix and Tokens to redeem for special items. Our A Dusty Trip Classic event guide tells you all you need to know.

You can try it out now on Roblox. We’ve also got an A Dusty Trip Controls Guide if you want a bit of help getting to grips with the basics.

A Dusty Trip Classic Event Guide

Let’s explain.

Before You Set Off

You enter the Classic event through the Dusty Trip lobby, and you’ll find yourself in a familiar, but slightly different situation to the regular game. You have a blocky landscape, a half-broken car, and a few items in your house. Here are the things you need to do before you go.

  • Put your car together from the parts.
  • Fuel your car.
  • Collect the Tix on the coffee table.
  • Grab the gun and place it in the car, you can stick it with Z so it doesn’t fall out.

On The Road

Once you get started, you need to keep an eye on a few things to keep running. Let’s go over how to do each of them so you don’t get stranded before you hit those milestones.

  • Eat – You need to stop your Hunger bar reaching zero. For this, you need food, which you can find in buildings. Most buildings have lots of food, so it’s pretty easy to stock up.
  • Avoid Enemies – Zombies spawn around buildings. If you remember to bring the handgun from the starting house, they should not cause you too many issues.
  • Find Fuel – If your car runs out of fuel you’ll be in a bad spot. Fortunately, you can find red fuel cans in most

Tokens And Tix

What you’re really here for is the Token and the Tix. You’ll find them at regular intervals along the road, but they might not be so easy to get. Each Token has a challenge associated with it. You’ll find two Tix hidden around each challenge area. We’ve detailed them below.

  • 2000m – Take out the five Killbots sent after you to get the first Token.
  • 4000m – Cross the dangerous bridge to get the second Token.
  • 6000m – Take out ten pirates on the pirate ships to get the third Token.
  • 8000m – Deal with two zombie hordes in the haunted house to get the fourth token.
  • 10000m – Take out the final boss, 1x1x1x1 to get your last Token.

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