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By admin May27,2024
Feature image for our Roblox Classic items guide. It shows a player character in front of a trails stand in floating islands in the background.

How are you spending your Tix? Well, don’t get more than you need to! Our Roblox Classic items guide runs over each of the ones in the event trackers and what they do when you get them.

You can play now from the Roblox The Classic hub. We’ve also got a Roblox Classic quests guide for a little on all the different hub area quests.

Roblox Classic Items Guide

Below we’ll talk about all the items in the Tix side of the event tracker.

Drink Token

Use this at the Vending Machine to get a drink. You can choose from the following.

  • Bloxade
  • Bloxy Cola
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Witch Brew

Any of them can be used to complete the Thirst Quenchers quest, so don’t fret over which one you get. The difference is mostly cosmetic.

Rocket Launcher

Let loose with some heavy ordnance using the Rocket Launcher. This item lets you fire exploding rockets around the hub. They’ll damage the scenery, though don’t hurt players.. they might mess with their physics a bit though! This is used in the Rocket The Rocketship quest, where you use it to blow up a piece of the rocket.


It’s super alright. Super good at annoying other players. This bouncy sphere can be thrown at others, whether they deserve it or not. In fact, you should throw it at other players. Hit 25 of them to complete the Top Dodgeballer quest and earn a token.


Tick tick boom. The timebomb is another item that lets you menace everyone else. You can equip it and drop one. It will explode after a short time and possibly send a few players sailing through the air. You absolute menace.

Mom’s Dog

The final event Tix item, at a princely sum of 32 Tix is Mom’s Dog. This is a dog that follows you around on a leash when equipped. It’s so good at this it doesn’t even need to move its legs. The dog doesn’t have a ton of practical use, it’s just fun to take for a walk around the hub.

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