Roblox Classic Capture The Flag Guide

By admin May27,2024
Feature image for our Roblox Classic capture the flag guide. It shows a player character dancing with a flag on their back.

How do you play Capture The Flag with one player? You’re about to find out! Our Roblox Classic capture the flag guide runs over how to complete the quest and help yourself to the coveted token in the process.

Want to play? Head over to the Roblox The Classic hub and get started. We’ve also got a general Roblox Classic quests quite for would-be questers to find their Tix and Tokens.

Roblox Classic Capture The Flag Guide

If you’ve spent much time exploring the Roblox Classic hub you might have run into some flags sitting around on the Moon and Desert islands. There’s a red and a blue. You might even have picked one up then felt stumped about what to do next. Well, let’s explain.

Pick Up A Flag

First, go to the Moon or Desert areas and pick up a flag. I’ve started with Red, but it can work both ways. Go to the stand and interact with it to pick the flag up. You’ll see it chilling on your avatar’s back.

Take The Flag To The Other Stand

Next, once you have the flag, take it to the other stand. So, if you have the red flag, head to the Desert Fort island, if you have the blue flag, head to The Moon. Once you get there, interact with the flag stand to pick up the next flag.

Repeat The Process

Once you have the opposite color flag, head back to the original stand and place it. You should get the original flag color again. Yes, again. So head back to the other side, again, Desert Fort if you have the red flag, Moon if you have the blue flag. Place it on the right stand one final time and you’re done. Congratulate yourself and enjoy your token!

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