Roblox Classic Buried Treasure Guide

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Looking for treasure but without a treasure map? Don’t worry, we’ve got our own map of sorts, our Roblox Classic Buried Treasure guide outlines how to locate all of the books you need to complete the quest and get your token.

Want to jump in? Head over to the Roblox The Classic hub. We also have a Roblox Classic quests guide with all of the quests outlines.

Roblox Classic Buried Treasure Guide

Allow us to explain.

About The Quest

For the Buried Treasure quest you need to find nine books hidden throughout the hub area. You need to find them in order, though. The next one will only appear after you’ve picked up the previous one, so make sure you look for them in the order listed below!

Buried Treasure Book Locations

You need to find nine books in all.

Book One – History Of Roblox

Found in front of the duck fountain at the spawn location.

Book Two – Cheezburger A Complete History

Found on one of the tables at the cafe building with the striped awning.

Book Three – Ominous Teapot Book

Found with the two large teapots outside of your house.

Book Four – The Tale Of Epic Duck

Found on top of the corner tower on the Desert Fort. If you’re struggling to jump up there, you can blast of some parts of the wall with the Rocket Launcher to make some footholds.

Book Five – Robuk

Found on the very top of the Roblox HQ guide. Climb all the way up to find it.

Book Six – The Tale Of Epic Duck 2

Found where the path ends on the The Hunt island, across the yellow bridge to the right of the obby island.

Book Seven – Roblox For Noobs

Down the hole in the crater on The Moon, the the balcony of the green building inside.

Book Eight – Chemistry

At the end of the half-visible bridge off to the right of the volcano island, behind the Roblox HQ building. You can walk all the way across without falling as long as you keep walking forward.

Book Nine – Skull Book

On the side of the race track, just opposite the ladder down from spawn, hop onto the other side of the barrier to find it.

Finding The Treasure

Once you have all the books, head over to the beach next to the pirate ship. You should see a large X on the ground, and X marks the spot! Head on over and interact with the X to unearth your hard-earned reward.

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