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Can’t figure out how to open the Roblox Classic Character Doors? This guide will take you straight to the token, hint: you need to type in the character names into the in-game chat box!

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Roblox Classic Character Doors Guide

Those pesky character doors! How are you supposed to open them? Well, luckily for you, I’ve got the answers right here. Load up the game, follow this walkthrough, and obtain the badge! To find the doors, you need to jump down the hole in the ground next to the checkered flag.

From the spawn point, look for the blue building that looks like a cafe and the house next to it (there’s a teapot in the garden and a set of yellow stairs). From this view, you can see the checkered flag and the hole!

How to Open the Character Doors

Here’s how to open all 5 doors!

Door 1 – Avatar with a hard helmet

For this door, you need to stand in front of it, and type ‘builderman’ in the chat

Door 2 – Avatar with a crown, a Blame John t-shirt, and a half-eaten piece of meat

Open up the chat box and type ‘shedletsky’

Door 3 – Avatar with a block on their head, spiked shoulder guards, and a blue outfit with a kettle printed on the front

Type ‘clockwork’ into the chat box to unlock this door

Door 4 – Avatar wearing a robe with their hood up

Enter ‘Telamon’ into the in-game chat

Door 5 – Avatar with a transparent green torso that shows their ribcage while wearing a green domino on their head

Type ‘1x1x1x1’ into the chat box to open the fifth door

How to Get the Classic Token and Badge

After you open all 5 doors, you enter a room with a Christmas tree, some gift boxes, and a snowman. The Roblox Classic token is floating on the ground in this area! Simply walk over to it and interact with the blue token to pick it up. And there you have it, you now have the Roblox Classic Character Doors badge and token!

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