2XKO makes a surprise showing at Combo Breaker

By admin May25,2024

2XKO has made a surprise appearance at Combo Breaker 2024, allowing attendees to try out the latest demo build while wondering the tournament floor. If nothing else, this should make for an entertaining distraction from those who go 0-2 in bracket.

The build in question is the english version of the demo we saw shown off at Evo Japan 2024 – featuring the same playable cast we saw at Evo 2023 with the addition of Illaoi, as well as various gameplay adjustments. There are four custom cabinents in total, allowing for a maximum of eight players to play at once. There will likely be a line.

Aside from entertainment for the attendees, this will also provide ample opportunity for players who weren’t able to make it out to Japan earlier this year to try out the game for themselves. Many of the changes and additions have already been explored by various influencers and pro players, but there’s nothing quite like personally getting your hands on the game to see how things feel. Expect an influx of new impressions online from those trying it out for the first time.

The question now becomes clear – when will a new reveal for 2XKO occur? The team behind the game has previously stated that 2024 is when the true marketing push for the game will occur, following years of sparse information drops. It got fully revealed and made playable at Evo Japan, so the question of what’s next is on everyone’s minds. Combo Breaker hasn’t traditionally been the place for new fighting game reveals like Evo, The Game Awards, or E3 (RIP) have been. I personally would guess the chances of new info coming out at the event are low, but not impossible. It’s worth tuning in for the finals day on Sunday either way – worst case scenario you’ll be supporting a cool event and watching some good matches.

If you’ve not been able to show up at either Combo Breaker or Evo Japan, are you planning on attending an event to try out 2XKO? Let us know below!

By admin

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