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By admin May25,2024

Not sure how to complete the Roblox Classic Bloxxer Secret quest? For the completionists, I’ve written up this guide to help!

There are tons of quests to work through in the Roblox Classic lobby! We also have a Roblox Classic Character Doors guide, which explains how to open each door – if you don’t know, this is a hidden area in the lobby, which is accessed via a hole in the ground.

Roblox Classic Bloxxer Secret Quest

If you open up the Quests window within the Roblox The Classic lobby, you can see that there’s a quest with the name ‘Bloxxer Secret’. With no hints and no information to go off, it’s a little confusing – especially with how vast the lobby is!

How to Complete the Secret Quest

Head towards the tall glass skyscraper with a large red ‘R’ on the side – this is the Roblox HQ! I like to zoom the camera out as much as possible so I can easily find landmarks. Walk across the yellow bridge located behind the golden avatar statues to make your way to the building.

Once inside, the first thing you need to do is walk down the stairs. Now, this is the part where players are getting stumped! The red door downstairs has ‘VIP’ stamped across it, but this doesn’t mean you have to be a Roblox VIP to enter. The requirement is an equipped Bloxxer shirt (the design features blocks exploding – which is the same design on the VIP door), rather than the infamous ‘VIP Shirt’. The VIP Shirt is no longer available on the Roblox Marketplace, so don’t bother trying to get that one.

Inside the VIP Room

When you equip the Bloxxer shirt, you can now enter the red VIP door. Inside, there’s an arcade with a colour-changing dancefloor. The best thing is, the blue Roblox Classic token is right there! It’s located by the table and blue sofa, close by to the arcade machines. Pick up the token to earn the badge and complete the Bloxxer Secret quest. Easy peasy!

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