Capybara Friends Is A New Merge Game From The Makers Of Capybara Rush

By admin May25,2024

How many types of merge games have you played? Wait, I can say. You probably have merged mansions, dragons and trees, to name a few. But have you merged plushies? That too with a claw machine? Yep, say hello to Capybara Friends, which has cuteness overloaded.

Merge Plush Toys

Capybara Friends is a capybara plush toy merging game. In the game, there’s nothing much to do, to be honest. You just have to merge the plush toys that are dropped from a claw machine. Similar plushies merge to become a different plushie. But but but…

It’s the cuddly capybara plushies that will take your heart away. Merge them to create the cutest, most unique capybaras you’ve ever seen. You get to discover unique combinations that will make you laugh out loud or totally go ‘Awww!’

There are tons of different plushie types to be discovered. A buzzing bee capybara, a donut capybara, a capybara rocking cool sunglasses, a smurf capybara, a drippy capybara. You think that’s it? Nope, you even get capybaras with other animals. You’ll see one on top of a turtle, one with a pelican and a wild one with a crocodile.

The more you merge, the cuter AND WEIRDER they get! Why don’t you take a look at this fun video of Capybara Friends below?

If You Like Cutes!

Published by TapMen, Capybara Friends is free to play. Played Capybara Rush? Yes, that game is by TapMen, too. They have a huge lineup of weird, unique and funny games. Look at the names and judge them yourself: Long Nose Dog, Jaw Evolution – Mewing, Tennis Cat 3D, Banana Cat Jump, El Gato Game – Cat Race, Axolotl Stars, Duck on the Run, No More Veggies and whatnot!

If you want to watch more cute videos on them, check out the official YouTube channel. They’ve posted quite a few funny and cute videos on the game. On that note, try out Capybara Friends! Grab it from the Google Play Store. And do let us know which capybara are you.

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