Magic Research 2 Drops On Android With A Fresh Storyline And New Spells

Do you like incremental RPGs? Then you must have played Magic Research, which dropped in 2023 and turned out to be a hit. Well, the indie developer of that game, Maticolotto, is back with its sequel, Magic Research 2, on Android, Steam and iOS.

What’s Magic Research 2 About?

This one shares some core elements with the original. Firstly, it’s a text-based incremental RPG. The researching and studying magic to learn new spells and the battle system in Exploration will be similar. The base UI is pretty much the same too.

But Magic Research 2 has tons of other new things. From the storylines and enemies to the spells and items, you can call it a totally fresh game. The game is filled with secrets hidden in over 120 storylines (the original had 99).

Spells are organized by Elements instead of Schools. You’ll need to plan your builds carefully because land is limited. Inventory space is infinite, and you can automate item creation. Potions are rechargeable equipment, not consumables.

In Magic Research 2, you start as a rookie wizard. Your only mission is to find or create the Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary item said to cure any illness. Along the way, you’ll discover a lot about magic and the world around you. You can transmute over 250 different items, finding countless synergies to create the best equipment for your build.

Will You Try It Out?

Magic Research has proved to be a good incremental game, especially text-based. It takes the best parts of an otherwise tricky and boring genre and makes them fun and interconnected. Just like the first one, Magic Research 2 is a premium game that costs $4.49. You can snag it from the Google Play Store. And if you want to try the demo version, you can grab that one, too, for free.

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