Netflix Opens Pre-Registration For Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, An Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Like Game

By admin May25,2024

Remember Apple Arcade’s cosy game, Cozy Grove? Well, it was announced last year that Cozy Grove is getting a sequel, Camp Spirit. Now, the wait is almost over as Netflix Games has opened pre-registration for Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit for all mobile players.

What Will Be New In Camp Spirit?

Cozy Grove was originally available on Apple Arcade, but it was removed later from the subscription service. Spry Fox, the developers behind the game, were scooped up by Netflix in 2022. Post that, both teams teamed up and started developing Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit.

So, what’s Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit all about? You’ll play the role of a Spirit Scout stranded on a haunted island after a bus crash. Your mission is to befriend ghostly animals, immerse yourself in ghost stories and bring a bit of joy back to this mysterious place.

Its daily progression follows the real-world calendar. You can customize your island, go fishing and even power-wash to restore the island’s natural beauty. You’ll meet some fresh faces like Kumari, Kyli and Orsina, alongside familiar ones like Flamey and Mr. Kit. There’s also a brand-new island to explore.

If you’re curious, check out the Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit pre-registration trailer right here!

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit Is Now Up For Pre-Registration

The game boasts beautiful hand-drawn landscapes and a watercolour aesthetic that makes it truly cosy. It has the same heartwarming vibe as the original. It’ll launch worldwide on June 25th, exclusively on Netflix Games for Android and iOS.

Since it’s a Netflix exclusive, we’ll have to wait and see if it makes its way to other platforms. If you’re a fan of cosy games or cosy groves, join the pre-registration queue for Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit on the Google Play Store.

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