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By admin May25,2024

Curious about the obtainable Roblox Classic items? They’re easy to get, but you’ll have to collect a few tokens before being able to obtain and equip them!

Visit the official Roblox Classic page to learn more about the limited-time event. Take a look at our Roblox the Classic Wardrobe Secret guide and our Roblox Classic Thirst Quenchers walkthrough – both give you tokens!

Roblox Classic Items

The Roblox Classic items are obtained via 2 methods: obtaining tokens through quests or spending Robux. I much prefer the former! In fact, the normal variants look great as they are, making the golden variants (that cost real money) pretty pointless.

Normal Variants

You can unlock these variants by finding Roblox Classic Tokens, which are easy enough to obtain! Check out some of our guides that I’ve linked above to get started on your token collection.

Ancient Deity Shawl

  • Collect a total of 5 Tokens to unlock it
  • Accessory (Back)

Empyrean Reign of Awesomeness

  • You need 6 Tokens altogether to obtain this item
  • Accessory (Back)

Agonizingly Happy Bucket

  • Collect 10 Tokens in total to get this item
  • Accessory (Hat)

Kleos Erebus

  • 15 Tokens are required to unlock this item!
  • Accessory (Hat)

Star Creator Pie

  • The only way to obtain this item is via the Star Creator program (this program is for content creators!)
  • Accessory (Shoulder)

Staff Birthday Cake Hat

  • Obtainable for Administrators, sorry!
  • Accessory (Hat)

Classic Developer Slice

  • Available for the developers of the games involved in The Classic event
  • Accessory (Back)

Golden Variants

These items are not F2P-friendly and require Robux. They are golden versions of the above items and offer nothing else than cosmetics. Do I recommend them? Not really, they’re useless.

Radiant Deity Shawl

  • Collect 5 Tokens and purchase the Bling Track for 600 Robux
    • The Bling Track is used to unlock the golden variant of the Ancient Deity Shawl
    • The Radiant Deity Shawl is also available separately for 139 Robux
  • Accessory (Back)

Empyrean Reign II: The Golden Age

  • You are required to have 6 Tokens and the Bling Track to get the golden variant of the Empyrean Reign of Awesomeness accessory
    • The Bling Track costs 600 Robux or you can buy the item by itself for 139 Robux
  • Accessory (Back)

Agonizingly Happy Bucket of Gold

  • Obtain 10 Tokens and unlock the Bling Track for 600 Robux, or buy the item for 329 Robux
  • Golden variant of the Agonizingly Happy Bucket
  • Accessory (Hat)

Kleos Phoebus

  • To obtain this item, you need 15 Tokens and the Bling Track (costs 600 Robux)
    • Or, you can purchase the Kleos Phoebus for 699 Robux
  • Golden variant of the Kleos Erebus hat
  • Accessory (Hat)

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