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We’re here to answer all of your Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret questions! Our guide explains what the Wardrobe Secret is, as well as take you through the steps of this quest.

You can play the game by visiting the official Roblox website. If you’re already playing, or want to find out more, we have a Roblox Classic Character Doors Guide as well as a Roblox Classic Thirst Quenchers Guide.

Roblox The Classic Wardrobe Secret

The Wardrobe Secret is one of the quests in the Roblox The Classic hub, and it hardly gives anything away. Well, I suppose if they did give it away, it wouldn’t be a secret. We’ve got a step-by-step guide to help you on this quest.

How To Get The Wardrobe Secret

  • Start by heading over to the tower structure, which is right where you first spawn into the game. Take the stairs to the top, but watch out for players who have rocket launchers. They will be firing!
  • Once you’re there, you will see a pot of gold. Type rainbow into the chat and a rainbow bridge will appear (rainbow road, anyone?)
  • This may get a little tricky, as there’s no obvious direction to go in. When you get to the pot of gold, you’ll see a gold floor. There is a hidden secret passage in the floor roughly around the middle. Have a walk around until you drop down
  • You will drop down into a secret area. Inside, you will find a director’s chair, a wardrobe, a camera, and a token. Walk to the token and pick it up
  • There you go! You’ve completed the quest and got a token. To exit, climb up the ladder and head back to the fountain area in the hub to either trade tokens, or get a new challenge
  • If you want to go back, you can type rainbow in the chat again to bring the bridge back

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