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If you want all of the Roblox Classic Clip It badges, follow the steps below for each of the NPCs!

Visit the Roblox Clip It page to get started on the Classic event! Want some of the event-exclusive items? Have a read of our Roblox Classic Items guide to find out how you can obtain them.

Roblox Classic Clip It Guide

The requirement for this quest is to find all 5 NPCs in the game for some Token (and a badge)! Rather than this quest taking place in the Classic lobby, you have to load up Clip It to participate.

To keep track of the character you find, click the ‘Tix’ button at the top of the screen in-game. Scroll down to the bottom of the window to find the character names, as well as some extra information regarding the quest.

How to Get All Badges in Clip It

Follow the steps to find all 5 NPCs!

John Doe

  • Click the yellow ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen
  • Click the ‘Environments’ tab
  • Select ‘Darkness’ (shown with a skull emoji)
  • Next, select the ‘Facility’ option to begin the teleport
  • Close the mobile phone and search for John Doe
    • From the spawn point, turn your camera around and head forward toward the entrance with a yellow square next to it
    • Climb up the ladder in the next room and then head through the next entrance with a number 7 sign to the left of it
    • Walk straight forward, then turn right at the stairs, take the first left, walk through the ‘number 4’ entrance
    • Take the next left into another room and then turn left again
    • Walk onwards, down the slope, and to the right through another entrance
    • Enter this room, walk to the left, and head through yet another entrance
    • Head down the hallway, and turn to the first right to enter a new room
    • Walk down the entire hallway until you find a slope that goes upward
    • Keep going up until you reach the top, and head through the entrance on the left (it’s furthest away)
    • In this room, go left and drop down the hole
    • Look to your left and head through the entrance
    • Jump up into the vents
    • Walk through the vents until you find some metal bars and squeeze through them to find John Doe

Once you’ve found him, all you need to do is record a video of him with the in-game mobile by clicking the ‘+’ button again. After you’ve recorded the video, click the tick to confirm!

Jane Doe

  • Open the mobile phone and click the ‘Environments’ tab
  • Select ‘Dark’ and then ‘Prototype’ to load into a new area – now, search for Jane!
    • Head through the entrance, turn left, walk straight, down some steps, and through another entrance
    • Walk forward to the furthest wall, turn left, and through the next doorway
    • Walk straight until you see the wet floor sign, go right to enter a cafeteria, and turn your camera around
    • Look up at the pipes across the wall to spot Jane Doe standing on top of them, close to the wall
    • Record Jane Doe with the mobile phone!


  • Make your way to the Classic environment via the mobile phone, and then click ‘Glass Houses’
  • From the blue spawn point, head towards the bridge pillars, with a red glass building above it
  • Jump up the rocks to the left, and once you reach the top, walk to the red glass pillar, jumping down into a hidden area
  • Enter the red pillar and climb up the ladder
  • Next, walk to the hole in the ground and jump down – the Builderman NPC is standing in this secret area!
  • Record Builderman with the phone


  • Go to the Environments tab on the mobile phone, then Classic, and click ‘Haunted Mansion’
  • Head towards the black mansion by jumping up the rocks
  • Enter the mansion and turn left into the dining room
  • Enter the next room and then turn right to find a room with red words on the ground
  • Head down the steps to enter the basement to find Telamon


  • Open up the mobile phone and click ‘Environments’, ‘Darkness’, and then ‘Prototype’
  • Walk through the doorway, turn left, and continue forward
  • Head to the back wall, where there’s a table on the left and a slope to the right
  • Walk up the slope and through the entrance directly in front of you to go up another slope – you should now be in a room with a blue light!
  • Turn right and walk head forward, go right, and then down some steps
  • Continue onward until you spot the red paint on the wall
  • Record the red paint with your phone to unlock the secret door – when the door is available, it shines extremely brightly to your left, so you won’t miss it!
  • Interact with the glowing door and walk around the corner to the left
  • Go straight and head towards the door with the green square, walk down the stairs, head through the next door with a green square, and keep making your way down the corridor until you spot the NPC surrounded by green slime
  • Record him to complete the quest!

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