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Have you spotted some players with an aura that spawns fireworks around them? That’ll be the Aura Craft Freedom aura! It’s simple to craft once you know which auras you need, however, 2 of the auras are only obtainable via the in-game shop.

See if you can get the Freedom aura by loading up Aura Craft now! For other simple past timers on the platform, have a nosey at our Unknown RNG Codes guide, our Sol’s RNG Biomes guide, and our Sol’s RNG Quests guide!

Aura Craft Freedom

Aura Craft is a unique Roblox game that’s quite simplistic in nature – it’s oddly addictive though. Drag auras onto your screen from the list to the side and combine them to create new auras! You start with the basic ones, such as water, earth, wind, etc.

Eventually, you’ve got a whole range of auras that you can experiment with. The more steps you have to take for an aura, the flashier it is once you equip it. However, some auras have players feeling a little stumped! It’s overwhelming at first when you see how many auras you’re working with (or crafting with, in this case).

How to Craft the Freedom Aura

The Freedom aura summons fireworks that explode around your character in red, white, and blue. The tab for the Freedom aura has the eagle emoji!

  1. Firstly, start with the Earth element (this is one of the starter ones!)
  2. Combine it with Water (another starter) – this then makes the Plant aura
  3. With the Plant aura, drag over the Time aura and combine them to make Life
  4. Next, you need the Sad and Cycle auras, which you can roll for in the in-game Rare Auras shop with gold coins (Sad is usually an 80% drop and Cycle is an 18% drop)
  5. Add Sad and Cycle together to make Joy
  6. And lastly, combine Joy with Life to get the Freedom aura!

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