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By admin May24,2024

Our Attack On Titan Revolution Support Memories Guide tells you everything you need to know about what memories are, and the different support memories available.

Memories and skill trees are very important in AOT Revolution, so it can get a little confusing. We’ll explain everything you need to know, so don’t worry!

Memories are re-rollable skills that you can get by doing a Prestige. Each time you gain Prestige, you have the opportunity to roll for a Memory, as well as get a new slot for them. The skill tree you’ve invested the most into is the one that’s you’re most likely to get a Memory about. Therefore, if you’re far in the Support tree, then these are the ones you will be most likely to get.

Below is every Support Memory that is available, as well as a little bit about it.

  • Cooldown Blitz – Reduces any skill cooldowns by an extra 10%
  • Mendmaster – Gives you one additional bandage when you refill your blades and gas at the supply point
  • Flashstep – Makes you invincible while you perform flips and dashes. You also can’t get grabbed while doing these
  • Omnirange – Using a skill with range will work on any player on the map, whether they’re in view or not
  • Lifefeed – Lifesteal 3% of your HP from a Titan on killing one
  • Vitalize – If you help a a teammate, this will also heal your own HP and gives you a 25% damage buff for your next strike

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