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Our Attack On Titan Revolution Controls Guide is here to help! If you’re feeling a little stuck or confused about how the controls work, we’ve got you covered.

To play for yourself, visit the Roblox page. We also have a How to Unlock Attack on Titan Revolution Titan Shifting guide and a Attack On Titan Revolution Perks guide.

Attack On Titan Revolution Controls Guide

These controls are aimed at players who are using a keyboard and mouse to play. So, if you’re using touchscreen, it may be a little different for you!

Default Controls

These are the default keybindings for the most used controls in the game

  • WASD Keys – Movement
  • LMB – Attack with blades
  • Cursor Movement – Aim ODM Gear
  • E – Fire Right ODM Grapple
  • Q – Fire Left ODM Grapple
  • SPACE – Jump
  • SPACE (When grappling ODM gear) – Boost with gas
  • R – Reload Blades (If you have any blades left)
  • Number Keys – Skill Hotbar

How To Move With ODM

Attack On Titan Revolution uses the iconic ODM gear as seen in the Attack On Titan Series. ODM is a major game mechanic used for moving and traveling around. So if you’re simply sitting there waiting for Levi to appear (don’t worry… me too) these controls explain how to move with the ODM gear… so you can run straight into Levi’s arms- uh I mean… so you can get to killing some titans.

  • Run around on the ground and position yourself with WASD. This is the best way to get into a launch position
  • Hover your cursor over the area you want to grapple to. You can grapple to environment, or Titans (or Levi)
  • Press Q or E to launch a hook, you will speed toward the point of your cursor. Press the space bar to get an extra boost
  • You can attack mid-air, which is also the best way to kill titans
  • You can fire the other grapple of your ODM to change directions if you’re in a rush

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