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The Attack on Titan Revolution Maestro achievement is one of the trickier ones in the game. Avoiding the ground at all times is tough, especially when your ODM gear isn’t strong enough. This guide discusses the best methods!

Try your best to get the achievement in Attack on Titan Revolution on Roblox! If you’re new to the game, check out our Attack on Titan Revolution Artifacts guide and our Attack on Titan Revolution Families guide.

Attack on Titan Revolution Maestro Achievement

There are lots of achievements to work towards in Attack on Titan Revolution. The one we’ll be talking about in this guide is specifically the Maestro achievement! The requirement to get this achievement is to not land on the ground once for the entirety of a mission – and you need to complete the mission too!

How to Get the Maestro Achievement

You can cheese this a little bit, as there are no requirements regarding the difficulty or map. So, I recommend going for the easy mode! Make sure to choose a map where there are plenty of buildings and objects to attach your ODM gear to. You can land on the roof of buildings and remain on a wall, but you cannot touch the ground a single time once you first leap up.

Another piece of advice is that you should undertake this challenge when your character is at a high enough level – I’m talking level 40+! Anything lower means that your character’s stats and ODM gear are going to be much weaker. This means your ODM control and ODM gas may be on the lower side, and running out of gas means you’ll be sent plummeting to the ground.

No rule states that you can’t be in a party with other players. So I suggest getting a friend to do the majority of Titan kills, but keep in mind that you need to participate with at least 10% of the Titan kills, which is around 2+ Titans.

There’s a way to remain in the air at all times, by boosting yourself and only going down when you’re striking a Titan. You then grapple onto the Titan and launch yourself upwards back into the air. This isn’t the ideal way to do it, as it can be tricky to stay in the air at all times. I prefer the method of grappling all objects above ground to keep the momentum going.

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