Wuthering Waves Weapon Tier List

Feature image for our Wuthering Waves weapon tier list. It shows a character dropping through the air holding a polearm.

Want to know what weapons to roll for? Or maybe trying to eye up your pick for the free five-star? You’re in the right spot. Our Wuthering Waves weapon tier list ranks all the weapons we can find into tiers to sort the best from the worst.

Wuthering Waves is coming soon to Android via Google Play. We’ve also got a Wuthering Waves Echo tier list, too.

Wuthering Waves Weapon Tier List

Here’s where we give our ranking of the weapons in descending order. It runs from S Tier, the most impressive, all the way down to whatever blunt and ineffective bits of weaponry lurk in D-Tier.


The most impressive weapons with the most impressive stats.

  • Abyss Surges
  • Cadenza
  • Cosmic Ripples
  • Emerald Of Genesis
  • Helios Cleaver
  • Lustrous Razer
  • Static Mist
  • Stringmaster
  • Variation
  • Verdant Summit


Very good weapons that do a great job.

  • Amity Accord
  • Augment
  • Autumntrace
  • Broadblade #41
  • Comet Flare
  • Commando Of Conviction
  • Dauntless Evernight
  • Discord
  • Gauntlets#21D
  • Helios Cleaver
  • Hollow Mirage
  • Jinzhou Keeper
  • Lunar Cutter
  • Marcato
  • Marcato Novaburst
  • Novaburst
  • Undying Flame


Still solid, if not quite with the star quality of S or A. You won’t struggle with content with these.

  • Broadblade Of Night
  • Broadblade Of Voyager
  • Gauntlets Of Night
  • Guardian Broadblade
  • Guardian Gauntlets
  • Guardian Pistols
  • Guardian Rectifier
  • Guardian Sword
  • Originite Type: IV
  • Originite: Type I
  • Originite: Type II
  • Originite: Type III
  • Originite: Type V
  • Pistols Of Night
  • Pistols Of Voyager
  • Rectifier Of Night
  • Rectifier Of Voyager
  • Sword Of Night
  • Sword Of Voyager


Slightly underwhelming weapons. There might be a few uses for them for specific tasks, but they don’t really shine with general use and are a backup option, at best.

  • Tyro Broadblade
  • Tyro Gauntlets
  • Tyro Pistols
  • Tyro Rectifier
  • Tyro Sword


There’s really nothing these do that another weapon can’t do much better, they’re not worth using unless you can’t find anything else.

  • Training Broadblade
  • Training Gauntlets
  • Training Pistols
  • Training Rectifier
  • Training Sword

About Weapons

Alongside the character gacha in Wuthering Waves there are weapons, spread across five different weapon types:

  • Broadblades
  • Gauntlets
  • Pistols
  • Rectifiers
  • Swords

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