Play Or Create, The Choice Is Yours! Lemmings Puzzle Adventure Drops Creatorverse Globally

featured image for our news on Lemmings Creatorverse update. It features a few lemmings, some popping their heads out from branches of flowers and another one in the middle flying down with the help of an open umbrella. The whole image has different shades of green (the lemmings' hair, the leaves, the background which make it look very pretty. Other than that, the lemmings and the flowers are white. (and a bit of orange in the flowers and the umbrella)

Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure has dropped its biggest update ever, according to the game’s publishers Exient. And we kind of agree with them. It’s the Lemmings Creatorverse update which drops today (June 17th). What’s so epic about it? Keep reading to know.

What’s The Lemmings Creatorverse Update?

The Creatorverse update in Lemmings lets you flex your creative muscles and craft your own levels. So, now, you can be a game designer in the Creatorverse. Design and build your own Lemmings levels, refining them until they’re ready to share with the global Lemmings community.

Upload your levels for friends and players everywhere to enjoy. You can even track your level’s popularity and see which ones become favourites. On the other hand, if you’re just into playing new levels but not sure if you’re ready to create some yet, don’t worry. You can explore the Creatorverse and dive into a variety of levels crafted by fellow Lemmings players.

Ever Played The Game?

Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure is a classic from the UK. Your goal is to guide the adorably clumsy Lemmings through all sorts of traps and trickery to safety. They’re cute, they’re clueless about self-preservation, and it’s up to you to save their fuzzy little butts.

Take a look at the gameplay if you haven’t yet!

Lemmings actually dropped as a puzzle-strategy game back in 1991. The mobile version for Android and iOS was brought to players by Exient Games’ studio Sad Puppy with HD visuals, animation and new levels. This mobile version has around thousand levels, can you even imagine?

Whether you want to build something in the Creatorverse update or not, do try Lemmings out from the Google Play Store.

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