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Challenged by the Challenges and unsure what to do? This complete Anime Defenders Challenges Guide outlines what the Challenges are and what each one means.

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Anime Defenders Challenges Guide

Challenges let you take a step away from the main game story whilst still receiving completion rewards. The idea of Challenges is that they will have a preset hindrance either to your team build or a buff to the enemies you face to challenge your strategy and team building.

To play Challenges, head inside the purple building beside the ‘Play’ building in the main lobby. Here, you view which Challenges are ongoing and can choose to join one either solo or with other players. There are a few maps which Challenges happen across which should help you gauge what you’re capable of handling based on your story progression:

  • Windmill Village
  • Mob City
  • Snowy Woods
  • Cursed Academy

Challenges Rewards

For completing challenges and surviving each wave, you might receive some of the following loot:

  • EXP
  • Gems
  • Trait Crystals
  • Energy Crystals
  • Star Rifts (All colours)
  • Winter Herb
  • Cursed Object

Anime Defenders Challenges

And finally, the different Challenge presets! When entering the Challenges area you can see which Challenge is active for each portal. These rooms reset every 60 minutes with new challenges.

All Units Lowered Range – Your units have less reach when placed.

Enemies x2 Health – All enemies have double the health for the entire game.

Enemies Regen Health – All enemies slowly regenerate health when attacked with no cooldown.

All Enemies +1 Shield – Every enemy receives a shield to prevent 1 incoming strong attack.

All units increased cost by 25% – Every unit now costs 25% more to place.

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