Nerd Survivors Is A Fantastical Reality Set In The Doom & Destiny Universe

By admin May23,2024

Nerd Survivors, the wild bullet-heaven action rogue-lite, has now launched on mobile. It already dropped on Steam for PC players in February 2024. Inspired by Vampire Survivors, this game has been published by HeartBit Interactive. These folks are known for the popular Doom & Destiny series.

What’s Nerd Survivors About?

It’s about four nerdy friends. They’re chilling on one of their game nights when suddenly everything spirals into an out-of-control adventure. The four friends get zapped into a bonkers fantasy world from the Doom & Destiny universe, swarming with all sorts of ridiculous monsters.

So, what do they do? They grab whatever they can – from pizza frag grenades to magical fidget spinners, and start blasting away. Nerd Survivors kicks off with just one character, but you can unlock over 20 more as you progress. The environments you battle through are varied with different sets of enemies.

The gameplay in Nerd Survivors is classic horde survival. You dodge, gather experience orbs and money and let your character automatically dish out the pain. And you only get room for four weapons and six perks at any one time.

Most items can be upgraded up to five times, with some extra expense, of course. Survive a map, and you get to unlock the Forge. You also get tons of customization options available for your arsenal. Why don’t you catch a glimpse of the game below?

You Can Choose The Lite Version At First

Nerd Survivors is priced at $2.99. However, if you want to try it out once without paying the full price, you can do so by getting Nerd Survivors Lite, the free version. It has a smaller roster of characters, plus some limitations in the Forge of Destiny.  But it still packs all the thrill of the full game.

So, go ahead and check out the full version or the Lite version on the Google Play Store. And also check out our other news. Netmarble Opens Pre-Registration For Seven Deadly Sins: IDLE.

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